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Organisational Membership

Joining as a Business Excellence Australia BEA member to offers many benefits for your organisation. By becoming a member you will gain access to our network of like-minded people - our members, evaluators and alliance partners who are commited to upholding the Australian Business Framework principles. These principles are designed to achieve high-performance levels accross all industries regardless of size or industry. Our member network includes organisations of all sizes - small, medium and large enterpirses. They comprise private, public, government and not-for-profit organisations.

Our members have access to Members Only Benefits.

We offer a large range of benefits provided to members, including more education and assistance with implementing the ABEF.

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Over the last thirty-five years, BEA has helped many organisations perform better by using the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) to manage change and guide their improved performance. Excellence is more than just a pursuit but a key driver of perfomance.



To achieve excellence, an organisation needs to know what excellence looks like. This can be difficult for an organisation without an 'outside view'. That is why BEA empowers its members with an 'outside view' of how they are performing against other, similar businesses and best practice guidelines.


Recognition & Awards

Organisations that make meaningful contribution and achieve excellence should be recognised and promoted, so that their positive contribution can be experienced nationwide. At our annual Awards Night we recognised those organisations for achieving excellence. BEA Members can attend the Awards nights for a substantially discounted fee.


Awards Training

Through partnerships with reputed training providers, BEA hosts a range of training and development workshops and site visit to past Award winners around the country. BEA members can register for these workshops and access exclusive discounted, member-only rates.


News and Publications

Through online groups, monthly emails and other methods of communication, BEA provides members with regular access to key Australian and international research, development, news stories, as well as publications related to Excellence Models.



Collaborative peer learning opportunities are offered to members, where structured or informal mentoring opportunities to work with experienced evaluators and recognised professionals in the field are made available.


Learning Networks

Employees of our organisational members, can participate to learning groups around Australia who host quarterly events for ongoing collaboration and sharing. Members are also offered opportunities to lead learning events, publish articles and discussion papers that will be widely distributed by BEA.


Knowledge Library

A subscription to the Business Process Improvement Resource (BPIR) is an integral part of your membership. This provides access to a huge library of Excellence for several employees in your organisation, Quality and Improvement resources on a wide range of subjects including leadership, benchmarking, quality, self-assessment, and much more.


Your Roadmap

Our highly knowleadgeable team of evaluators have decades of experience understanding what makes organisations excellente, supported by the Australian Business Excellence Framework. Each organisational member is provided with an annual consultation by a BEA representative or evaluator who can assist in developing their own organisational roadmap to Excellence.

Organisational Membership

Empower your staff with all the benefits that come with individual membership with these organisational membership packages.

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Each organisation needs to appoint an organisation coordinator (primary contact). Secondary members can be added at a later date.